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Cannabis Payments. Simplified.



Fast, Seamless, Secure Checkout.

Many industries are categorized as high risk because they're different, not because they're high risk. Most payment and technology providers ignore these industries or charge outrageous fees because they don't understand them.

We understand cash-intensive, highly-regulated, and evolving industries and have built carefully crafted solutions for markets like cannabis and CBD. With the right technology and knowledge, many industries are no longer high-risk.

Accept debit card payments in-store

You can now offer a more compliant, secure, and cash-free payment option with our in-store PIN debit solution for dispensaries.

We Make It Easy

Honest Pricing

Have peace of mind that your rates will be honest and straightforward. 

Simple Setup

Launch & sign our application electronically online.  

Secure Payments

Securely type, swipe, dip or tap transactions via PCI compliant equipment.

Fast Funding

See deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.

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Cut the costs and hassle of counting, managing, and storing your cash on-site with seamless cannabis PIN Debit payment processing.

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Discover how Pollen's cashless payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.

Cannabis Payment Processing

Reduce the risks associated with cash management.

Improve Security


Handling large sums of cash is risky business. Pollen's PIN debit processing protect your store by letting you accept payments digitally.


Increase Accuracy


Improve efficiency and eliminate redundant data entry with accurate tracking and reporting of payments—all in one place.


Reduce Overhead


Cut the costs and hassle of counting, managing, and storing your cash on-site with seamless cannabis payment processing.

Running a cannabis business is full of challenges, but payments doesn’t have to be one of them.

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