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Current Payment Solutions partners with financial institutions for credit card processing and alternative lending.   We can also assist with gift and prepaid card issuance.  Turn your declines into approvals.  We provide options for clients that do not qualify for traditional financing and processing.  We help financial institutions from start to finish offering two different partnerships.  At CPS, we understand the needs from the top-of-the house to those out on the streets.  We can help you grow your Merchant portfolio by providing you with: training, management tools, support staff, and products that will deepen your client relationship.  A strong merchant program can reduce attrition and streamline your client's internal processes.

Ask about our Cash Management In-A-Box Program!






Credit Card Processing Miami


Our Team Is Yours

Our Difference

Credit Card Processing Miami

Scale & Stability

Cutting-Edge Technology For Clients Of Any Size

Credit Card Processing Miami


Access to World-Class PCI Experts

Credit Card Processing Miami

Unmatched Insights

Customer Insights and Analytics

Program Options


Referral Bank Partnerships simply make the referral and watch your portfolio grow!



Referring Bank



  • Zero liability


  • No implementation costs


  • No required responsibilities other than making the referral






  • Training


  • Sales Process


  • Set-up/Implementation


  • Service



Participating Bank Partnerships - this program requires a hands-on approach from your bank. 





  • Will work with your executive staff to determine the goals for your bank


  • Tailor a program with a timeline to hold both parties accountable


  • Assign appropriate number of agents to support branches


  • Train bankers and attend huddles to make sure that we have a team approach


  • Proactively identify opportunities for a joint partnership


  • Coordinate client-centric training conducted quarterly 


  • Create internal campaigns to make sure your bankers are engaged and sending referrals

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