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We simplify the payments process and give you tools to help your business grow.

Start Selling More

Sell online, mobile or at a store. Accept credit cards, e-checks and alternative payments.

Save Time & Money

Our additional services do the work of a full-time staff and help you fight fraud, store data securely and more.

Reliable & Secure

You can count on our expertise no matter what your business needs.

CPS Mobile Solutions

Current Payment Solutions believes that the ability to accept mobile payments should not be limited to large retailers with huge technology budgets. CPS Mobile, a mobile app that enables small and mid-sized merchants to accept payments anywhere while they conduct business. 



  • Compatible with iPhone and Android operating systems 


  • Supported by all major wireless providers and is compatible with an extensive list of smartphones and mobile devices


  • Easy set up and includes comprehensive in-house customer service support



Add a Card Reader


With our NEW mobile readers, you have an all-in-one reader for contactless, chip and swipe card payments — including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™, and Android Pay™ — right from your personal smartphone or tablet. And it comes with clear, intuitive reporting with powerful insights to help your business grow.



Using our mobile card reader, you can:


  • Decrease the time you spend processing your transactions


  • Reduce processing costs by swiping the customer’s card instead of paying higher  interchange fees for card-not-present transactions

  • Use the card reader on nearly any mobile device with a headphone jack or Bluetooth connection

  • Set custom tip and tax rates

  • Add and manage permissions for employees

  • See your transactions on dashboard


  • Email or text receipts to your customers



Mobile Payment Processing

Swipe & Dip

EMV enabled chip and swipe card reader that conveniently plugs into your phone's audio jack.


Mobile Payment Processing

Tap. Swipe. Dip. Repeat.

No matter how your customer is paying, EMV chip, swipe, or with their mobile device, Clover Go can take it.

Mobile Credit Card Processing
Mobile Credit Card Processing
Mobile Credit Card Processing
Mobile Credit Card Processing




Per Transaction*




Monthly Fee

Live Support

*Promoted rate is for Qualified Debit Transactions additional merchant account fees apply.  Please see our application for more details.
If you sell globally, add a 1.5% assessment for international transactions.
A $25 fee will be billed by your merchant account provider for chargebacks.

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