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Grow Your Business

Fast, Seamless, Secure Checkout.

Pollen allows you to offer a variety of payment processing services, each with enhanced features designed to help you increase sales, cut costs and improve your company’s productivity.  We utilize the latest in EMV technologies to reduce our client's risk of fraudulent activity.

With a traditional payment process, your customers are familiar with you’ll experience faster line speeds, higher average tickets, and happy customers.

Save Time and Money

Benefits of PIN Debit​​

  • No change to give back to customers

  • Customers can add a tip to purchases

  • No customer ATM fees

  • Reliable equipment

  • Multi-layer security features

Cannabis Payment Processing


Robust reporting, low fees, and helpful support mean you spend less time on payments and more time growing your business.

  • Fast settlement

  • Online reporting portal

  • Easy reconciliations (unlike cashless ATMs)

  • Offer a “cash discount” (customer pays fees)

  • WiFi and mobile devices make logistics easy

  • Industry leading pricing

  • No application fee

Cannabis Payment Processing


Discover how Pollen's cashless payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.

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