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ATM Services

Current Payment Solutions can assist with providing onsite ATM services, with a provider that has reputation for delivering reliable ATM services throughout the United States.  Your uptime is the key to maximizing ATM revenue and providing your customers with access to cash for spending in your business.  Custom cabinets are available for specific ATM's that meet your decor requirements. Constant monitoring and rapid service deployment help get you up and running in a short turnaround. Cash replenishment is performed on a needed basis and is handled by experienced cash managers.

What Benefits Do ATMs Provide?




  • ​Providing them the convenience to withdraw cash anytime and anywhere

  • Monitor and manage their bank accounts through balance inquiries and transfers

  • Save time and money by eliminating an extra trip to the bank

  • Practice financial self-discipline by using debit instead of credit 



  • ATMs benefit merchants by increasing annual sales from "impulse buys"

  • Extending shopping hours beyond conventional banking hours

  • Building dedicated repeat traffic from cardholders and creating an additional, reliable stream of income from transaction fees

Financial Institutions  


  • Branding off-site retail ATMs provides financial institutions new convenient surcharge-free marketing touch-points for their existing cardholders

  • Extends reach outside of branch footprint to attract new customers/members

  • Provides additional brand exposure that will complement existing self-service ATM channel

  • Increase market share

  • Help avoid attrition to other financial institutions​

Why CPS?

Tailored Programs  CPS offers a comprehensive set of solutions to tailor fit a program to meet your objectives, including options that range from turn-key full ATM placements to merchant-owned ATMs with transaction processing only. 

Market Expertise  CPS provides unparalleled ATM service expertise in key market segments, including hospitality, convenience, retail, and financial institutions.

Service Commitment  CPS maintains high standards by delivering their customers a guaranteed performance Uptime of 99.99%, in addition to free 24x7 multilingual customer support.  

Superior Strengths  CPS offers compelling advantages over its competition that includes scale, technology, and key strategic industry partnerships.

Why Is The Number Of ATMs Increasing? 

  • Cardholders expect convenient 24x7 access to their bank accounts within close proximity to where they live, work, shop and travel

  • Steady consumer usage resulting from a decline in checking account usage and tightened credit card underwriting

  • Increased use of stored-value prepaid debit cards by governmental entities as a means of Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT) for social program benefits to recipients and public/private employers for payroll purposes


  • Demonstrated consumer willingness to pay for the convenience of cash availability


  • Greater acceptance and reliance on self service technology

ATM Sales Miami
ATM Sales Miami
ATM Sales Miami

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